Hunt & Associates P.C.

Wage Claims

Hunt & Associates represents both employees and employers in wage claim actions.  For employees, an employer’s failure to pay wages can have adverse effects that are difficult to fully compensate.  Unpaid wages may result in the employee being unable to pay rent, pay utilities, or provide for the employee’s needs.

We work quickly to prosecute an employee’s wage claim so that we can recover the employee’s unpaid wages and statutory penalties against the employer in an efficient manner.  Generally, attorney fees are recoverable in wage claim actions and we handle these types of cases for employees on a contingency fee basis.

In a recent wage claim case we were able to settle an employee’s wage claim within three months of the client walking into our office.  The client walked into our office because her employer failed to pay her final paycheck.   After reviewing documents provided by the client we discovered that the employer had failed to pay overtime in excess of $1,900.00.  The employer quickly settled with our client and paid our client over $10,000.00 in unpaid wages and penalties.  This is an example of the services we provide and is in no way a guarantee as to results, but if your employer failed to pay you all of your wages, we will work hard to recover those unpaid wages and associated penalties for you.

The above example is a lesson for employers.  Wage claims are expensive and not something for the employer to ignore.  If you receive written or verbal notice from an employee that the employee is owed compensation you need to act quickly to ensure that if you do owe the employee unpaid wages you can make payment without incurring significant penalties.  Oftentimes employers will ignore wage claim notices from an employee. Ignorance is a significant mistake and could cost the employer thousands of dollars.

We work with the employer to ensure that the employer properly pays the employee that provides notice of unpaid wages.  We also work with the employer to efficiently resolve cases that may have proceeded beyond a quick resolution.