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Employment Discrimination

Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace

At Hunt & Associates we represent both employers and employees with respect to claims and possible claims of unlawful discrimination and harassment in employment. We also draft employer policy statements and employee handbooks as well as advise employers on how best to protect their business from the possibility of such claims.

Representation of Employers

Employee discrimination claims pose a significant threat to any business; particularly since the costs of defense and any damages the employee might ultimately recover are often not covered by insurance. The most efficient and cost effective defense against such claims is the establishment and maintenance of good management practices and of carefully prepared policies which are consistently applied.

We assist employers in attempting to avoid employee claims by preparing comprehensive employee handbooks and policy statements that clearly establish an employer’s policies and the procedures employees must follow when they believe there has been any violation of those policies either by management or by other employees.

By having proper policies and investigation practices in place, an employer can avoid the increasing costs of defending employment cases. However, even good management and policies aren’t a guarantee against an employee’s claim for wrongful discrimination, harassment or other allegedly wrongful conduct by their employer. We encourage clients to immediately notify us when they receive any complaint of discrimination so that we can assist the employer in investigating the complaint to determine its merit. Complaints of discrimination should not be swept under the rug; rather every complaint should be investigated fully and the investigation should be documented.¬† We often conduct such investigations for our clients.

After an investigation an employer can evaluate the claim and then best decide how best to resolve it both as a legal and as a business matter.

Even with the most comprehensive investigation an employee that alleges discrimination may file an administrative complaint with the EEOC or state agency or a civil lawsuit. Our attorneys are experienced in defending employee discrimination cases at both the administrative and judicial levels.

Representation of Employees

At Hunt & Associates we also represent employees with respect to claims of wrongful employment discrimination and harassment on account of race, gender, disability, age and other protected traits.

Before asserting any such claim it is important to document and substantiate the claim and our client’s injury as much as possible under the circumstances. We often help with that documentation and, where necessary, the preparation of materials for an administrative complaint with either the EEOC or the appropriate state agency. Following the commencement of an administrative complaint, we follow the agency’s investigation and, based on the specific facts of the individual claim, may advise our client to withdraw the administrative complaint in order to begin court action to enforce their rights.