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Starting a Business

Legal Advice About Business Formation in Oregon

The decisions you make in the formative stages of startup can have continuing consequences for your business. If you’re an entrepreneur with questions about entity selection and formation, or if you manage an established business interested in planning the configuration of your business to best meet the owners’ business and personal needs, contact Hunt & Associates in Portland for the advice of a knowledgeable lawyer.

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Counsel for Organizing Corporations, LLCs, LLPs and Partnerships

We advise our business formation clients about their startup options. We’ll explain the characteristics of each option, whether it involves registration of a corporation, a limited liability entity or a professional practice group.

The right alternative for your business will depend on many factors, including tax consequences, risk tolerance, equity composition and management style. Once you understand how each of these considerations relates to your business plan, you’ll be in a good position to select the option that’s right for your needs.

We also offer comprehensive client service for startups of all kinds on the essential documents and instruments that define shareholder, member or partnership rights: shareholder agreements, operating agreements, buy-sell agreements, bylaws and amendments. Our goal is to give you the basic structure your business needs to promote smooth operations and equity group relations while protecting your principals from personal liability.

Our attorneys’ experience with both the legal aspects of business formation and the practical needs of ownership groups in a wide variety of industries can help your new business get off on the right foot. Many of our business startup clients have continued to work with us to meet the challenges of growth and increased complexity.

Hunt & Associates provides one-stop service to businesses of all kinds from formation to eventual succession, sale or merger. For additional information about the scope of our practice on behalf of small businesses, corporations and practice groups in the licensed professions, contact us in Portland.