Hunt & Associates P.C.

Personal Injury

At Hunt & Associates we represent individuals who have suffered personal injuries and property damage due to the negligence or wrongdoing of others. We represent those injured in motor vehicle collisions, from sexual and physical abuse, from the design or maintenance of unreasonably dangerous conditions on land or in buildings, and from animal attacks. We have successfully pursued such claims and claims for wrongful death against individuals, insurance companies, businesses, landlords and property owners, and against state and local governments in both Oregon and Washington.

We respect the physical and emotional burdens our clients suffer from the unexpected loss or damage to their property or their health. The stress of providing the required information, arranging for repairs or treatment, giving statements, and negotiating with the responsible party or their insurer often compounds the burdens resulting from the injury itself. The experience is often overwhelming.

We can help from the time of your injury in a number of ways including the investigation of your claim, dealing with both your own insurer and the insurer for the person or company responsible for your injury or damage, and monitoring your course of treatment for injuries or repair of property. You can focus on recovering from your injuries or repairing or replacing your property.

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