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Employment Law

Advice and Litigation Counsel in Employment Law

At the law firm of Hunt & Associates, our experience with both the transactional and litigation aspects of employment law benefits both employers and employees. To learn how our attorneys can answer your questions and protect your interests, contact us in downtown Portland.

Advice for Employers

Given our decades-long relationships with many business clients, we often advise employers about new developments in state or federal employment law, draft or review personnel handbooks, or guide employers through new compliance responsibilities as success leads to a bigger workforce and a more complex workplace.

Our lawyers advise businesses about such employment law matters as:

  • Review of personnel procedures concerning recruiting, hiring and firing
  • Negotiation of employment agreements with executives, managers, professionals and key contractors
  • Documentation of noncompetition, nondisclosure, non-solicitation and confidentiality agreements
  • Investigation of employee and administrative complaints of discrimination, sexual harassment, wage and hour violations, and disability leave problems
  • Problems related to workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance or workplace safety
  • Negotiation of severance to resolve a complaint and terminate an employment contract
  • Representation before administrative or investigative bodies such as the EEOC or the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries
  • Litigation counsel from initial investigation following receipt of an EEOC or civil complaint through discovery, trial or settlement, mediation, or other form of alternative dispute resolution

Although much of our employment law practice involves the recurrent problems with standard practices and individual complaints that most companies can expect to encounter at least occasionally, we also handle the employment law aspects of business purchases and mergers. In one recent acquisition, we prepared state-specific personnel handbooks for a client with business operations in multiple states.

Advice for Employees

Our experience with employment litigation is just as valuable for employees with claims of race or age discrimination, sexual harassment, disability discrimination, unpaid overtime or sales commissions, or wrongful termination claims.

We will not represent an employee with a complaint against a past or current client, but our understanding of workplace rights can help workers recover for the damages they have wrongfully suffered just as it can help employers anticipate and avoid litigation risk and liability.

For additional information about the scope of our employment law practice on behalf of both management and employees, contact Hunt & Associates in Portland.