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Business and Corporate Litigation

Business Litigation and Dispute Resolution

The lawyers of Hunt & Associates advise small businesses, partnerships and closely held corporations about their litigation and dispute resolution options.

No small business owner looks forward to litigation. Before starting any litigation, you need to weigh the time and expense inherent in litigation against the losses that have already occurred.

Winning or losing a case is not the only factor that needs to be considered in pursuing and defending litigation.  In advising your business on how to proceed during litigation, we analyze your company’s exposure to liability, the costs associated with defending or prosecuting a case and the amount of time you and your employees will spend at depositions, hearings and trial.

Prior to advising our clients on how they should proceed – vigorously defend or prosecute the case, or quickly settle the case – we analyze these factors with our clients and allow them to determine which is the best course of action for the client to pursue.

Practicing in the State and Federal Courts of Oregon and Washington

Although much of our work in advising business clients has to do with anticipating and avoiding litigation risk through due diligence, risk analysis and careful contract drafting, it’s impossible to completely eliminate the possibility that disputes and defaults might still occur. If your transaction or project presents a clear possibility of litigation, our experience with litigating business disputes can give your company an advantage.

Our goal is to achieve the best possible result for your company while minimizing time, money spent and stress. Our focus on practical solutions to complex problems can help you resolve disputes.

The best approach to the successful resolution of your dispute will depend entirely on the facts of the case, the strength of your legal position, and your company’s immediate and long-term goals. A good solution for one set of circumstances might not work in another. Our attorneys therefore adapt our tactics to meet the demands of your business and situation. We work closely with each litigation client to expand your options for a cost-effective resolution.

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